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Eileen M. Handberg, PhD, ARNP

Eileen M. Handberg, PhD, ARNP-BC, FACC
Research Professor of Medicine
Director, Clinical Trials Program
Program Director, Florida CARES


TEL: 352.265.0820
CLINIC FAX: 352.627.4293

ADMIN: 352.273.9082





BSN Florida State University Nursing
MSN University of Florida Nursing
PhD University of Florida Nursing

Academic/Research Interests

Dr. Handberg is a Research Professor of Medicine and Director of the Cardiovascular Clinical Trials Program in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. She also serves the University as an Institutional Review Board member, and representative on the College of Medicine Continuing Medical Education committee. She is an Adult Nurse Practitioner and has an outpatient practice, and manages research patient care. She is program Director for the practitioner competency assessment program Florida CARES, one of only 7 Assessment Centers in the US.

An active member and current Trustee of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Handberg serves on several committees including the ACC Scientific Sessions planning committee, PC3, Compensation, Metabolic Work Group, and is a member of the CV Team Council leadership group. She is the co-director of the ACC Core Curriculum for the Cardiovascular Clinician program, and served as co-chair of the Team-Based Work Group. She has served on several Presidential appointed committees including the search committee for the JACC Editor, and CEO search committee. She was the past Chair of the Nurse Education Committee, and has served on the Accreditation, BPQI committees and Anticoagulation Task Force. In 2009 she qualified for the designation FACC and was the first nurse (CCA) to achieve this recognition. Additionally she is a member of the American Heart Association’s Council on Cardiovascular Nursing and the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA), and is program director for the Vascular Biology Working Group (VBWG). She has contributed to over 90 articles, featured in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, JAMA, Circulation, and the Journal of Women’s Health, among others.

Clinical Interests

  • Exercise & Lifestyle Interventions
  • Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Heart Disease in Women
  • Heart Failure


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Additional Publications

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