Heart Transplant

 OAR Registry (AlloMap)

  • A research registry is a collection of information about patients who have a particular disease or condition, or who receive a particular treatment, that is kept by the Sponsor to be used for future research studies.
  • This registry is being initiated to observe the clinical long-term management and outcomes of heart transplant recipients with the regular use of AlloMap testing. The AlloMap blood test is intended to help determine if a heart transplant recipient has a low probability of acute rejection at the time of testing. This test, first commercially introduced in 2005, identifies the expression of genes on white blood cells that circulate in the blood and cause the heart to be rejected. This registry study will address questions that cannot be anwered with individual center studies.
  • The registry will collect medical information related to a patient’s heart transplant care (medications, diagnoses, and other information in the medical record), storing that information in a database, and using that information at a later time for research studies. All future research studies using information in this registry will be subject to oversight by the Institutional Review Board (which is responsible for oversight of research at the University of Florida involving human subjects). All patients who receive medical care at University of Florida for their heart transplant will be considered for participation in this registry.
  • Principal Investigator: Juan Aranda-Amador

Please contact our Clinical Trials Office for information: (352) 273-8933