Wellness Seminar: Women’s Heart Health Update

While a healthy heart looks the same for a man and woman inside the body, we know women’s heart health is unique to them. That’s why our UF Health team has built a cardiovascular care clinic specifically for women. We have a comprehensive team to offer leading-edge care for the women we serve.

Our team, made up of eight cardiovascular specialists, reviews each woman’s unique heart disease risk factors including diabetes, menopause, stress, smoking, inactivity and pregnancy. These risk factors need to be evaluated differently for each woman and our physicians come up with a patient-centered plan for them to effectively monitor their cardiovascular health.

Please call 352-265-0820 to schedule an appointment with Lynda Otalvaro or a member of the UF Health Cardiology team. Please visit https://heart.ufhealth.org/ for more information.

Use this link https://ufl.zoom.us/rec/play/oaNs9xpDA4FVjJG0-30IZHb1KQ0iHTZ83rhts4aHh_xj4PA1T5SR6IkPF12MHyaW3gWj4TuhL6ij0uSf.1l5e5oPZQ8UicLEr to view or share the webinar recording. If you enjoyed this webinar, why not check out some of our previous webinars by visiting https://ufhealth.org/wellness.