David Bello, MD

David Bello, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine

David Bello, MD is an Associate Professor of Medicine for the University of Florida’s Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Orlando Health Institute.  During his Electrophysiology Fellowship at Northwestern University Medical School, Dr. Bello received the Merck Fellow “Young Investigator Award” of the American College of Cardiology through his MRI Research fellowship in Heart Failure and Electrophysiology at Northwestern University. After his fellowship training, he held an Assistant Professor of Medicine position at the University of California and was the director of Cardiac CT & MRI at this institution.  Dr. Bello has participated in several research trials and published works in the areas of Cardiac CT, MRI, MRA, heart failure, and electrophysiology including novel imaging and catheter technique for atrial fibrillation.  He has presented at National and International meetings in the area of Cardiac MRI, Heart Failure, and Electrophysiology.  Dr. Bello has received multiple awards on research and investigation trials. Dr. Bello is board certified in Internal Medicine and subspecialty of Cardiovascular Disease and Electrophysiology. He is also board certified in nuclear medicine.




MD Central University of Venezuela
Residency Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh Internal Medicine
Research Fellow University of California San Francisco, Cardiovascular Research Institute Congestive Heart Failure
Fellowship Northwestern University Medical School Cardiology
Fellowship Northwestern University Medical School Electrophysiology

Academic/Research Interests:

  • Dr. Bello’s main interests include Cardiac CT, MRI and MRA applied to Heart Failure and Electrophysiology, Implantation and Management of Internal Cardiac Defibrillators and Permanent Pacemakers, along with Electrophysiology Studies and Ablations.


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  • Schwitter J, Kanal E, Schmitt M, Anselme F, Albert T, Hayes DL, Bello D, Tóth A, Chang Y, van Osch D, Sommer T; on behalf of the Advisa MRI System Study Investigators. Impact of the Advisa MRI pacing system on the diagnostic quality of cardiac MR images and contraction patterns of cardiac muscle during scans: Advisa MRI randomized clinical multicenter study results. Heart Rhythm. 2013 Feb 19. PubMed
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