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Steps every day could lead to longer life

Miami publicist Robin Diamond is “step-obsessed.” She aims for 10,000-plus steps every day using her Apple watch and even bought a treadmill during the COVID-19 quarantine to make sure she reaches her daily goal. The 43-year-old has lost 15 pounds since April 2019 and feels better than ever before.

Wellness Seminar: Women’s Heart Health Update

While a healthy heart looks the same for a man and woman inside the body, we know women’s heart health is unique to them. That’s why our UF Health team has built a cardiovascular care clinic specifically for women. We have a comprehensive team to offer leading-edge care for the…

Heart Failure patients get a taste of normalcy

Heart failure patients Megan, Gene and Eldred enjoyed a taste of normalcy last week when they went for lunch at Hotel Eleo. They were joined by Tony Calkins, ARNP, and Haley Podeschi, MD. They have been on the floor for 338 days (Gene), 264 days (Eldred), and 38 days…

Congratulations to FSU College of Nursing Alumna Eileen Handberg (BSN ’80), PhD ARNP-BC, FAHA, FACC, FPCNA on her selection as the 2021 Distinguished Graduate in the Practitioner Category

  Dr. Handberg is a Research Professor of Medicine and Director of the Cardiovascular Clinical Trials Program in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and Program Co-Director, OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium. She has served the University as an Institutional Review Board member for 21 years was a College of Medicine CME…

UF Health earns WASOG Center of Excellence Award for Sarcoidosis

World Association for Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders has designated UF Health as one of the first 25 Sarcoidosis Center’s of Excellence. We now share this designation with forty-one centers world-wide. This designation refers to a multidisciplinary team including pulmonologists, cardiologists and surgeons with a shared specialized facility that…

There’s nothing sweet about the relationship between heart disease and cancer

When the calendar changes to February, red and pink heart-shaped candy fills store shelves in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Let those hearts also serve as a reminder of another February event: American Heart Month. Health conditions, lifestyle choices and family history can all increase your risk of heart disease.