Program Aims and 5-Year Plan

 Program Aims

  • Provide comprehensive training in advanced heart failure and cardiac transplantation to qualify graduates of ACGME Accredited Cardiovascular Transplant Programs
  • Heart failure fellows will be selected based on scholastic merit, with a goal of selecting candidates that have potential to practice in geographical locations that are under-served in the area of heart failure. All heart failure fellows will have at least 2 scholarly products prior to graduation.
  • Heart failure fellows will graduate from our program with a solid knowledge of all aspects of heart failure, left ventricular assist device and cardiac transplantation as described in our core curriculum. This will allow them to obtain certification in advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation. 100% of fellowship graduates will become board-certified within 3 years of graduation.
  • Heart failure fellows will graduate with a solid exposure to clinical research that will enable them to contribute to the future of heart failure research. All heart failure fellows will have at least 2 scholarly products prior to graduation.
  • The program will strive for bi-directional communication between the faculty and the heart failure fellow. This can be tracked through the on-time evaluations.

5-Year Plan

In 5 years, we want the UF Health Heart Failure Program to have further solidified its brand as a major national center for advanced heart failure care and fellowship training. We would like to accomplish this by adopting a model of individualized patient care, facilitated in part by the development of multiple disease-specific heart failure clinics such as amyloidosis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and cardio-oncology. In addition, we would like to expand our faculty to the extent that we can form a dedicated inpatient heart failure consult team that liaisons with our outpatient clinic as part of a heart failure disease management program that accomplishes seamless transitions of heart failure care.