Preventive Cardiology & Lipid Clinic

Preventive Cardiology

Our mission is to build a community that focuses on an integrative and preventive approach to healing using tools to combat stress, improved nutrition and movement.

The UF Cardiology – Springhill Integrative and Preventive Cardiology Program focuses on wellness, prevention and nutrition in cardiology, promoting food as the foundation of healing.

Woman doing yoga on a rocky pier.

The program offers an integrative approach to cardiovascular care, focusing on improving quality of life and helping to optimize cardiovascular health through a wide array of techniques, including:

  • Focusing on prevention and wellness
  • Lifestyle modifications to improve overall health
  • Improved diet and nutrition options as a way to improve cardiovascular health
  • Tools to alleviate stress, including yoga and meditation

Clinical Lipidology

Clinical Lipidology at UF Health is a special focus within the Preventive Cardiology clinic, providing comprehensive, compassionate care to individual patients with early-onset coronary disease or strong risk factors for coronary disease, as well as family members with a genetic predisposition to a severe elevation in lipid levels causing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD).

Our goal is to comprehensively evaluate a patient’s risk and to provide the most effective measures to slow or stop the progression of atherosclerosis for both primary and secondary prevention.

Individualized action plans are developed to determine the optimal approach for each patient, which include lifestyle interventions (Integrative medicine) and when necessary, medications according to the most recent scientific evidence

Electronic medical records provide patients with secure on-line access to health information and communication.

The program involves:

  • Advanced tests for lipids and emerging risk factors such as CRP, Lp (a), and Apo B
  • Referrals for and assessment of imaging tests, such as ultrasound and heart CT scans
  • Interpretation of and referrals for cardiovascular genetic testing
  • Referrals to cardiac rehabilitation programs
  • Referral to other cardiovascular specialties as needed (i.e, Our Women’s Cardiology program)