Women’s Cardiology


Heart disease is the number one cause of death among women in the United States. Women’s hearts have slight anatomical differences that put them at risk for different heart-related issues, and it’s important to be aware of the unique risk factors and see a physician if there are any concerns. Our female-focused cardiologists are here to help women live their healthiest life possible.

UF Health is a member of WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, which is the only national organization solely devoted to advancing women’s heart health through advocacy, community education and patient support.

Pregnancy care

The UF Health Heart Care in Pregnancy Program (HCiPP) is here to help. We want all new and future moms to know that we are here for them each step of the way, to help them have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Our team of cardiologists and maternal fetal medicine specialists have teamed up to create a comprehensive program to help moms through this process. Each mom and pregnancy is unique, so our team tailors the approach to each mom and baby’s specific needs. From before conception throughout pregnancy and after delivery, our providers at UF Health can provide comprehensive care to make sure moms’ hearts stay healthy.