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Steps every day could lead to longer life

Miami publicist Robin Diamond is “step-obsessed.” She aims for 10,000-plus steps every day using her Apple watch and even bought a treadmill during the COVID-19 quarantine to make sure she reaches her daily goal. The 43-year-old has lost 15 pounds since April 2019 and feels better than ever before.

Wellness Seminar: Women’s Heart Health Update

While a healthy heart looks the same for a man and woman inside the body, we know women’s heart health is unique to them. That’s why our UF Health team has built a cardiovascular care clinic specifically for women. We have a comprehensive team to offer leading-edge care for the…

DoM Excellence in Teaching Awards 2016 – Cardiology Winners

This year the department of medicine honored a number of outstanding teachers for the 2016 DoM Excellence in Teaching Awards. Our division had 12 physicians who were honored and recognized for their dedication to teaching our students – future physicians and scientists. Congratulations!…