Program Aims

  • To provide comprehensive training in the field of interventional cardiology for fellows in their PGY-7 year.  Once fellows complete their training they are expected to be able to pass the ABIM Interventional Cardiology board examination, and the exam pass rate for our fellows will be a measure of the success of this aim.
  • Interventional cardiology fellow trainees are required to participate in scholarly activities during the one-year program, and this is one of the aims of the program.  All interventional cardiology fellows are required to present for Monday morning conference at least several times during the year and this can be measured.  Additionally fellows are required to be part of at least one academic publication and this can also easily be tracked.
  • The program aims to promote professionalism among its trainees for their interactions with peers, staff, patients, and faculty.  This is also important for the constant interactions with other medical specialties both within and outside cardiovascular medicine.